Would GoogleCoin Take Over the Cryptocurrency World?

Surely the big question in the cryptocurrency world is when, not if, will Google enter the game and take over the market?  Journalists are falling over each other to grab the story and it’s a major talking point on crypto forums and on social media.

Sitting On A Gold Mine

The big boys, flexing their muscles in their plush offices in Google’s Mount View headquarters in California, must be well aware that they are sitting on a gold mine. All they have to do is press the GO button to make Google the 1st leading tech company to create its own cryptocurrency and sit back and watch their profits soar.

Game Changer

It is time that Google, so often the first into bat when a new idea comes into play, stepped up to the plate with a play that will send the cryptocurrency world rocking. There is no doubt that Google has the power, and ability to change the game, which will generate fantastic momentum for all cryptocurrencies and have a huge impact on user confidence no matter which cryptocurrency they choose to use, but could GoogleCoin ever match the already established Bitcoin?

Private Blockchain

Other forum talk has suggested that Google might begin with their own private blockchain as many people believe this would strengthen their position in crypto-world.


We’ve asked Google the question but, so far, they have not responded to our many emails. But we will keep asking!