MasterCard Outage: The Trigger that Woke Up Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

A few weeks after its main rival Visa was hit by technical issues, MasterCard experienced an outage that blocked payments from customers using its cards to make payments around the world.

It is not clear what caused this outage though, what is evident is that there was a surge in customer complaints to card issuers and banks from frustrated customers who were unable to complete their payments.

In an emailed statement, MasterCard said,

“We are aware that some issues were experienced and have been working hard to resolve them.”

The email went further to state that:

The situation has been fully resolved and all transactions are now working as normal. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

A large number of customers took to social media to express their frustrations, with many voicing their concern over the failure of the card company to communicate what was happening. However much the customers complained, MasterCard failed to explain what was happening or what caused the outage.

In most cases, this would have concluded the story, but this time things were different. Crypto Twitter took up the matter and gave suggestions on what the customers could do to redeem the situation.

Crypto Twitter’s account became the base for cryptocurrency supporters who were eager to say that it is time for people to turn to cryptocurrency, with many supporting the fact that Bitcoin has never seen any service interruption since it came into being.

One of the enthusiasts asked the ultimate question:

“Why are you still not supporting Bitcoin? The most reliable payment network on earth.”

MasterCard: Bitcoin Adoption on the Radar

The payments firm has gone ahead to test various applications of blockchain to incorporate the technology into their card processing platform. They have even gone ahead to bring on board more developers to work on the implementation. As we speak, MasterCard is looking for patents around the use of cryptocurrency, and the good news is that the payments giant has won one of the patents this week.

But still, critics of the payments firm argue that it will face major competition from cryptocurrency.

Ridicule From All Over

The heckling didn’t stop there, as supporters of specific currencies came out strongly to support their specific cryptocurrencies, including Dash and Ripple.

The Big Question

But this begs the question, would the implementation of blockchain in the firm’s operations prevented the outage? This is a question to ponder, but the outage presented cryptocurrency faithful the best platform to come out in support of their favourite currency.

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