THAILAND – Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference


6TH MARCH 2018 TIME 09:00 TO 18:00

The Blockchain and Bitcoin road show moves into Thailand’s capital Bangkok next Tuesday when the Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumit will host the country’s Blockchain and Bitcoin conference.

It’s not too late to book your ticket or purchase a sponsorship package to help promote your brand in the global crypto community.

The Big Boys & Girls Will Be There

The event is organised by Asian Fintech and is aimed at providing participants with the current ‘big picture’ in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world and answer the big question. How to win in this game and, according to Global Fintech, all the people ‘in the know’ will be there to provide their insights. Financial experts, bankers, entrepreneurs, traders, blockchain developers, lawyers, analysts and investors will share their experiences and debate the current hot issues. Stuff like Blockchain in Fintech and Govtech Sectors, investments in ICO projects and tokensales, application of smart contracts, preparation for launching your own tokensale, technical aspects of blockchain, mining, cryptrocurrency advantages and Fintech legislative regulations etc.

Timetable and Speakers:

10:00 – Joseph Tsou – Managing Director, BlockEx


  • Traditional Financial Market Trading Traditionally What has changed?
  • Crypto/Blockchain Era The Birth of Crypto & Blockchain What is Crypto? What is Blockchain?
  • Traditional vs Crypto/Blockchain What are the risks? What are the benefits?
  • Outlook

10:30 – Vladislav Sapozhnikov  Co-Founder and CEO of Deex.Exchange

Decentralized Ecosystems using BitShares blockchain is the future of Blockchain technologies

  • What is the difference between centralized and decentralized exchanges
  • Meet BitShares and Graphene technology. Fastest and busiest blockchain ever. Low costs. Unbreakable. Unstoppable. DPOS decentralized. Bitshares vs. Ethereum in building high loaded transactional systems
  • What is wrong with centralized exchanges. Risks of hacking attacks, risks of regulative authorities restrictions, risks of opportunistic behaviour of cryptoexchange administration
  • Why decentralized exchanges are not popular: 1. Poor GUI 2. Low liquidity 3. Few altcoins traded 4. No market makers 5. Poor marketing 6. Small community 7. Not enough instruments for trading: technical analysis tools, trading robots,etc.
  • How deex will solve all the issues and problems of DEX exchanges: 2 factor authentication, password recovery, user friendly GUI, mobile application, API. CryptoCards? Vs cryptowallet with traditional bank cards
  • DEEX is not just one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges. It is the core of the whole solid ecosystem. Transparent cryptofund. Decentralized financial messenger. Decentralized social media (like steemit or golos). ICO platform. Mobile application. API. Merchant. Crypto ATMs
  • Disintermediation and P2P of human abilities – The future of Bitshares ecosystems: forget about fiat. Use cryptoexchange barter systems, such that you can exchange your services, abilities, goods P2P without intermediaries, without fiat currencies, with low transactional costs

11:00 – Cal Evans  Lawyer and Cryptocurrency Compliance Consultant, Gresham International

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Compliance

How the Paratrooper mentality will help keep you compliant in your Cryptocurrency Project

11:30 – Dana Farbo & Pete Wassell  COO, Founder / CEO, Augmate Corporation

How distributed ledgers can tackle IoT’s biggest flaws

IoT is expected to be a $15 trillion market by 2030, and connected devices are beginning to proliferate far beyond our homes and wearables. A future where nearly everything connects and collects data, from consumer devices to transportation systems, is not far off. We have an obligation to protect ourselves and society from the impending proliferation and misuse of private data.

How do distributed ledgers play into the solution? Currently, we have a disparate array of connected devices, all with differing networks and security standards. That’s a recipe for disaster, since each device can represent a hole in the network allowing hackers to infiltrate and steal data. Encryption is a good start, but can’t be relied upon with so many inconsistencies in how devices are used. Distributed ledgers allow us to aggregate all devices under one platform, using smart contracts to create a secure ecosystem for device connectivity.

With 50+ billion IoT devices expected to be on the market in the next few years, the time is now to develop new approaches with cutting edge technologies to tackle IoT’s biggest flaws.

13:00 – Alexi Lane  CEO, Founder, EVEREX

13:00 Panel Discussion

Edmund John Lowell: Founder, KYC-Chain

Dr. Jason Corbett: Managing Partner , Silk Legal

Sathapon Patanakua MD: Founder of SmartContract Thailand, and BLOCK M.D.

14:00 – Noam Copel : CEO , DAV Foundation

How to value a token

What it takes to create a token

How a token gets its value: token economy

  • Currency tokens
  • Utility tokens
  • Asset tokens
  • Equity tokens

What happened with the DAO?

Drivers of ICO and post ICO performance in 2017

  • Why did Tezos crash and burn?
  • How much is Tether worth? Why?

ICO terms from an investor point of view

  • Private sale vs. presale vs. public sale
  • Discounts and bonuses
  • Token vesting and lockup

14:30 – Gennady Volchek  CEO, Shping

Use of blockchain for brand protection and consumer engagement

15:30 –  Keith Lim:  Founder and CEO, Hearti

Relevant trends in the blockchain industry and current condition of the cryptocurrency market

Disruptive technologies such as Blockchain is becoming a new business driver in customer engagement, process improvement and risk management. Behind these disruptions are the powers and applications of Blockchain across multi-facets of a business such as product offerings, improved efficiencies, risk controls and management.  From “Know your customer” processes, decentralised storage, digital identities, smart contracts, data security, content generation and many more, Blockchain and the new business models around it will bring constant disruptions to the way you engage customers and drive enterprise transformation.  Similarly, Cryptocurrencies is creating disruptions to the financial markets but in other ways.

16:00 – Jeremy Goodwin:  CEO of

Revolutionizing The Manufacturing Supply Chain with Blockchain

16:30 – Nithinan Jessie Boonyawattanapisut:  CEO & Founder at Hotnow (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

Integrating Crypto into our daily life

17:00 – Serge Lobreau CEO of Flashmoni